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We aim to deliver a next-level gaming experience …
… even if you only believe in the good old consoles. PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Kinect and Xbox RockBand consoles are waiting on the other side of the portal. Some of them on 50 ”4K TVs and some on a 100+” projector.


The PGW Xbox section is a combination of software and hardware that elevates gaming on consoles to a higher level. Impressive specifications combined with interesting hardware accessories await you and your friends at Portal.

Rock Band

Have you ever daydreamed about performing in front of thousands of fans? Jam together or play against your friends while performing the greatest hits in music history!
The Rock Band 4 bundle consists of one guitar, one bass guitar, one drum set and a microphone which allows for up to four players. Take the stage!

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It’s so easy – just get up and play! Want to try yourself out on the dance floor? Just Kinect! Fight someone like a martial artist? Just Kinect! Play all kinds of sports? Just Kinect!
With Kinect, the road to fun is even easier and makes everyone move, laugh and cheer. How? Joysticks are not required. Want to join a friend in a party? Just hop in – stand in front of the sensor and the console will recognize the new player and its movements. Kinect – all it needs to play is you!

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Just Dance 2019
Kinect Sports Rivals
Fighter Within

PS4 Pro

If you wound up here in search of something simple and familiar…move along. We’ve shown some respect to traditional PS4 gameplay with the PS4 Pro – a premium console and Sony’s supercharged version that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
This console is designed to deliver smoother frame rates, a 4K picture, and a high dynamic range (HDR) image. Top that off with insanely comfy armchairs and 50“ TVs. Not your kind of thing? Too bad.

PS4 Pro Deluxe

If you thought it couldn’t get any better than this, we’re here to tell you otherwise.
We decided to give it the premium environment it deserves. How does a combination of a PS4 Pro gaming experience, with a little bit more privacy, on a massive couch, with a projector of over 100 ” and sound system built into the wall sound to you?

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PES 2020
Tekken 7
CoD: MW Remastered
God of War 4
Mortal Kombat 11
CTR Nitro-Fueled
Sniper Elite 4
NBA 2K20
Street Fighter AE
Trackmania Turbo
For Honor
UFC 3 Notorious Edition
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Wipeout Omega
Borderlands 2
Sonic Mania
Gang Beasts
Horizon Chase Turbo
Red Dead Redemption 2
APEX Legends
Duck Game
God of War 3 Remastered

Nintendo Switch Deluxe

Are you ready to revive games and characters with the help of Nintendos new console that is certainly very familiar to older and younger gamers? It doesn’t matter if you want to test your abilities in a fight, by go-karting or something else, Mario, Luigi, and the team are there to assist you. Nostalgic feelings are being awakened in our deluxe zone with a projection of over a 100″, a huge couch and built-in speakers that turn gaming into a real pleasure you can’t experience anywhere like in the Portal.

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Mario Kart 8
Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Crash Bandicoot
N-Sane Trilogy