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Dive into the amazing world of Virtual Reality

Are you and your friends set for outrageously immersive visuals and sounds that will open portals to different worlds?

augumented climbing

Do you need a real challenge?

A combination of a unique, exciting and healthy gaming experience that will entertain everyone from kids to adults, solo players or a group. Fitness enthusiast or not, your physical strength and gaming skills will be put to the test


The fact that you are a grown-up doesn’t mean you need to stop playing with toys...

... you just need bigger and better toys! Let your inner child run wild with Sphero. Freestyle it on the court or take on the intricate labyrinth.


We aim to deliver a next-level gaming experience...

...even if you only believe in the good old consoles. PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Kinect and Xbox RockBand consoles are waiting on the other side of the portal. Some of them on 50 ”4K TVs and some on a 100+" projector.


A comfortable place for a pre-gaming warm up...

...or to take a break and recuperate. A chance to bring it back to the basics and talk about the good old times with fellow gamers while you battle it out on arcades. Mini and big arcades with countless games and a mechanical version of Pong are waiting for you to awaken the nostalgia in you.


Do you enjoy speed?

This simulator is designed to give you the ultimate driving experience!