PORTAL Gaming World

The idea is born…

We have found a field that allows us to use our endless imagination and also use what we are best at - creating an incredible gaming experience. 21st Century technological expansion and development have brought about tremendous changes in our daily lives, which has been directly followed by the entertainment and video gaming industry. In addition to noticing the lack of opportunities for leisure, relaxation, and fun in Belgrade, we also noticed a lack of gaming options compared to global trends and innovations, which finally sparked the idea of a gaming center. An innovative, creative, dynamic and extraordinary leisure and entertainment solution, accessible to all ages but primarily a playroom for adults. We always strive to bring the latest gaming solutions to your neighborhood!

Why exactly that name?

No better word symbolizes a magical door that connects two worlds separated by space and time but the name of our gaming center "PORTAL". Going through it, you're leaving behind a world you know, just to enter a new world of unfulfilled dreams, unlimited freedom, and fun... a world where almost everything is possible!

What are we offering?

Our guests can have fun with the most modern and unique gaming equipment, relax in our Retro Zone, or just enjoy the interior of our gaming center. In addition to individual and group gaming experiences, we also organize special types of celebrations, birthday parties, and team-building events, while offering everyone a specifically tailored, unique and unforgettable experience. One of our key ambitions is to share our passion for technology, robotics and virtual reality (VR) with the means to develop the knowledge and skills of children and young people.