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This unique gaming experience is not only exciting but it's great for your health as well!

A combination of a unique, exciting and healthy gaming experience that will entertain anybody, from individuals to groups, captivating everyone involved. Equipped with a powerful projector with full-body-tracking cameras, high-end computer-generated images and a wide range of games with new ones being added regularly, it offers something for everyone. You do not need to conquer mountains to experience the thrill of climbing and mastering obstacles while having fun at the same time.


Stena - Problems
Control the interface with the touchscreen display, create a route by highlighting holds of your choosing and suitable for your climbing skills. Ways to climb the wall are limitless and designing them is super easy. After finishing the task, watch a video of yourself on the display or, if you’re feeling like showing-off your accomplishment via the projector.


Climball is a great two-player ball game you can play by climbing. You can play versus mode where you need to score goals against your opponent or play coop with your friend and try to keep the ball away from the edges while collecting coins to score points. It suits anybody since the game area height can be adjusted.

Stena - Climball


Climb through mazes of electricity and be careful not touch what’s electrified, or you’ll get “electrocuted”. Possibly the coolest thing is that you can even create your own levels. Browsing through, choosing or personalizing levels is made easy. Motivates diverse movement on the wall. Makes climbing downwards fun.


Whack bats off the wall with your hands and feet. This is no child’s game, although with some modifications it becomes a children’s favorite. You’ll have to stay on the wall for a long time and move quickly to rack up the points. Engages even advanced climbers to compete for the high scores.


Our planet is being bombarded by asteroids and you must keep climbing to save it by destroying all of them before they crash onto Planet Earth. This game requires you to think and move fast. Great for mobility: makes you reach far and stretch. Challenges your observational skills as you try to destroy the asteroids coming from different directions.​


Flash is great entertainment for every user group and brings gamers not only closer to the Olympics but adds an exciting game for sports and competition-oriented audiences. Tic-tac… the clock is ticking. Players can be creative, figure out moves and beat the speed record. Start the level, hit all the touch-points and see – did you beat the time? Play it by yourself or in a group. Take turns, fine-tune your sequence of moves. Compete with your best styles and strategies. 



Shadowlings is the newest game for our AR climbing wall and can be played by up to four players. The game introduces many brand new technological advancements to the system allowing players to interact with these fluffy fellows just by using their own shadow. These cute Shadowlings seem to have gotten lost in the Shadow Realm. You can use your own shadow to nudge, carry and fling the creatures across dozens of levels.