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Prepare for an out-of-mind experience, more realistic than ever. Stop by at Portal Gaming World Experience Center and try out the future today. If you feel you are not ready yet, we promise you that you will be after your own experience of our different world.

HTC Vive Pro

The heart of our PGW VR system is one of the most advanced systems currently available – the HTC Vive PRO. Vive Pro delivers unprecedented immersion: true-to-life precise tracking, ultra-vibrant colors and realistic sounds that transport you to a different world in a split of a second. The Vive PRO makes everything more lifelike!
Supporting the Vive Pro headsets are carefully designed computers with unbelievable computing power and graphics. A combination that allows you to erase the line between game and reality, notice every detail in high resolution and seamlessly immerse yourself in virtual reality
Vive Trackers let you go beyond VR controllers and bring other objects into the virtual world. Used to enhance tracking, they help immerse your whole body into the gaming environment.
The VIVE Wireless Adapter allows a near-zero latency VR experience that's fast, responsive and offers maximum performance. Let nothing hold you back. Build worlds, tear them down, and venture into the unknown— all without skipping a beat

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Beat Saber
Payday 2
Tilt Brush
Space Pirate
Google Earth VR
QuiVR Vanguard
Raw Data
Serious Sam VR
The Last Hope
Fruit Ninja
The Lab
Racket NX
Super Hot
Sprint Vector
VR Fun House
VR Fun House
Oh Shape
Arizona Sunshine
Dead Effect 2
Rec Room
Pistol Whip
Kingspray Graffiti
Nature Treks VR
Sam & Dan Floaty Flatmates
Until You Fall


KAT walk is the perfect solution to the challenge of achieving infinite motion in a virtual space. Solving three fundamental problems that have been an obstacle for VR content: motion sickness, space limitations, and safety concerns. it allows for free 360⁰ movement. The device creates a limitless space in which the user can move safely and freely. Enabling you to go above and beyond the regular VR experience!

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Arizona Sunshine
Payday 2
Nature Treks VR
Rec Room


Hyper Blaster

If you want to experience the full FPS experience in VR, this controller is your first go to. Instead of a standard Vive controller, you'll have a replica of an old Nintendo pistol in your hand, which should be known to you if you're an old-school gamer. Immersion on a whole new level.

Woojer Vest

The Woojer Vest, a location-specific haptic vest will take you on a ride of bone-shaking vibrations, so powerful and accurate it'll raise everything from your pulse, right to the tiny little (if you are Serbian tiny doesn't apply here) hairs on your neck & give you a real-world experience.

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You enjoy a good gaming session, but you want to try something different out? Unlike any traditional video game, the Icaros platform simultaneously provides an immersive gaming experience alongside a challenging, physical workout promoting fitness and skill development. It places you in a plank position to create a fully physical sensation of flying/deep diving, keeping your core engaged and the whole body active. Have you always wondered what it would feel like to fly/deep dive – well, wonder no more!


Flight in a breathtaking alpine scenery. Aim for the highscore and choose between modes from one up to three minutes. Optimized for „newbies“.


Lets you explore a glacier landscape and provides challenging parcours and a shooter that requires perfect body control.


Experience a fascinating under-water world. Race sharks and manta rays and battle with enemy submarines.


The realest competitive E-Sports experience. A global online multiplayer racing experience with the fastest ICAROS pilots of the world. Create your profile, track your progress and compete globally.