Retro Zone | Portal Gaming World


A comfortable place for a pre-gaming warm up...

...or to take a break and recuperate. A chance to bring it back to the basics and talk about the good old times with fellow gamers while you battle it out on arcades. Mini and big arcades with countless games and a mechanical version of Pong are waiting for you to awaken the nostalgia in you.


The game was designed back in 1972. This game is a new edition doesn’t fall off with time. Instead of software, the game is being powered by magnets and motors and will probably wake up your competitive spirit. One on one, a tournament with friends or you against the computer are just a few ways of playing this well-known game!


Do you want to wake up the child in you? If you’ve ever played games on the arcade, you surely will find your old self in the 1400 titles we have prepared on the arcade that we’ve designed ourselves.

Punisher, Cadillac & Dinosaurs, Metal Slug, Pang are just a few of the games that will start working your nostalgia and bring back memories.

Mini Retro Gaming

In case you’re bored while you’re waiting on some of our gamings, in the retro zone hand-consoles will wait for you with a handful of minigames which will make time fly by.
So just jump into a lazy bag, take a console in hands and enjoy!